About us

Storköksbyrån is a consulting company that studies, designs and inspects professional and commercial kitchens.
The services we offer include everything from the concept and development stage to the follow-up of the finished results.

What do we do

Storköksbyrån is a consulting company specialising in restaurants and institutional kitchens.

Our long experience, broad competence, and diverse projects allow us to work in the whole area of institutional kitchens, both at national and international level.

We work together with our clients to develop and create kitchens and activities tailored to present and future needs, and our involvement can cover everything, from the concept to follow-up of the commissioned operations.

Our ambition is to create harmonious and flexible solutions that combine superior function, efficient logistics, sound working environment, good hygiene, and a good environmentally conscious approach.

Our services

We offer 2D and 3D planning, programme work, analyses, calculations, inspections, inventories, requirement analyses, status evaluations, public authority issues, counselling, problem-solving, training in hygiene and kitchen planning, internal controls, tender evaluations, procurement, and follow-up to our clients which include municipalities and county administrative boards, private players, property owners, and construction companies.

Projects are implemented in accordance with our quality plan, which is supplemented by our environmental management system, our internal control, and separate checklists.

All employees get continuous training to ensure their constant development at their job positions.


Restaurants, food courts, hotel kitchens, cafes, juice bars, gym kitchens, museum kitchens, school kitchens, hospital kitchens, kindergarten kitchens, retirement home kitchens, production kitchens, catering kitchens, staff canteens, bars, bakeries, college kitchens, sushi kitchens, embassy kitchens, airport kitchens, sports arena kitchens, kiosks, food serving street stands, banquet rooms, fast food kitchens, mobile kitchens, representative kitchens.

Environmental Policy

Environmental system according to ISO 14001.

We run our business with an overall view focused on ecology and sustainability. We implement our projects in a way that meets quality and environmental requirements, and we make continuous efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

In addition to complying with the requirements of the existing environmental legislation, we are working to improve and prevent our environmental impact by:

paying attention to the environmental aspects of the projects in dialogue with our clients;

  • placing environmental requirements on suppliers and sub-consultants.
  • effectively limiting the exploitation of natural resources in our office work;
  • purchasing environmentally friendly and certified products;
  • using environmentally friendly transportation;
  • sorting our waste.